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Coulson discovers a message with coordinates in the Canadian wilderness, where they discover a hidden S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Providence, run by Agent Eric Koenig. In episode 4x04 "Intercept Report", Koenig realizes it is a trap and is about to kill Dylan, but is saved by Coulson. After the war with Burroughs, Manchester is in a criminal mess and Dylan returns to kill him. After Coulson, they meet two more allies from the previous battle.
After his awakening, Manchester arrives at the College of Worcester and helps the kids and Jen find Dylan a mentor at the university. In episode 5x05 "Prisoner of the Force", Dylan breaks down a wall to apparently steal Manchester and Jen's personal papers.
Later, Max, Dylan and Jen decide to team up and help Jen find Fleece.
Like his father, Eric Kening, Dillon appears in the fourth episode of the second season, in which the command center of an underworld leader named Commandant Cole receives a signal from Hong Kong Police Commissioner Eduardo Reis for cooperation. In the course of the conversation, Eric takes their words at face value, and they all set in motion - Eric takes hostages in an attempt to get information about the events in Hong Kog. As a result, the hostages die, but Eric is imprisoned.
In 6x05, Erik escapes from prison and kills Reis. Then they all go together to hunt for Dylan, who ends up at the scene of the kidnapping. After a brutal battle, Dylan is defeated.
Shortly after Eric joins the organized Manchester gang, Dylan kills Sean Huey and his fiance, Ton Fox. After rescuing Eric, Koenig manages to destroy Reis and then thwart the Manchesters' game plan, also managing to shoot Ex-Commander Kensington.
Dylan finds himself at the center of the action again in 7x01 and 7x02, where he booby-trapped the school and misled the school for at least a few hours. On the outskirts of the city, he encounters the outside world, but Eric and the Manchesters are already far away by this time.
During the shootout, Eric is wounded and Manchester flees in an electric vehicle that runs out of battery power. He is pursued by Eric and Carl Quigley while Eric fe70933767